First Aid courses

At New Era, we offer a variety of First Aid courses. For further information on each of our courses, click on the links below:[vc_row]

New Era First Aid Courses

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12 hour (2 day) Paediatric First Aid Course dates & info here

Only £75 per person!!!

1 Day Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course dates &  info here

Only £40 per person!!!

Both courses include AED Awareness Training.

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Our 12 Hour (2 day) Paediatric First Aid Course and 1 Day Emergency Paediatric First Aid Course are specifically designed for those who work with children; it offers a practical, hands-on approach ensuring that you obtain the skills and confidence to use First Aid in a real life situation.
(please ensure you are compliant with the EYFS Sec. 3.25)
The course is suitable for individuals working in:

Secondary Schools

Primary Schools


Sports Clubs

Voluntary Groups

Nursery and Early Years Settings

Compliant with EYFS/Ofsted/Millie’s Mark.
Complies with First Aid Industry Body requirement

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On Successful completion of this course you will receive a
Paediatric First Aid Certificate which is valid for three years.

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