We offer lots of different courses!

From informal taster sessions to seriously professional courses…

from healthy lunchboxes ….through handling anger in the family ……to First Aid for teachers and other childcare professionals.



Find out more by clicking on the quick links below:-
[button text=” Tasters & Short Courses” title=”Tasters & Short Courses” style=”light” url=”https://newera.coop/tasters/” align=”middle” target=”_self”]

[button text=”Courses for Parents” title=”Courses for Parents” style=”light” url=”https://newera.coop/parents/” align=”middle” target=”_self”]

[button text=” Childcare,  Adult Health & Social Care” title=”Childcare, Adult Health & Social Care” style=”light” url=”https://newera.coop/adult-childcare-courses-2/” align=”middle” target=”_self”]

[button text=”First Aid Courses for Adults” title=”First Aid” style=”light” url=”https://newera.coop/first-aid/” align=”middle” target=”_self”]






New Era is committed to the learners’ development both with their chosen qualification and also in gaining confidence, social skills and independence. 

A personal advisor who is qualified in giving advice and guidance will support you in choosing the right course, guide you through your learning, and help you to identify your next steps to become successful in your future and chosen career path.


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