New Era’s Blossom Tree Project was set up to offer children and families free help in dealing with issues they found difficult to deal with themselves.

When you are going through difficult times it’s sometimes hard to know where to turn. New Era offered a helping hand to tackle all sorts of issues ranging from housing problems and debt, through to understanding how to manage a  child’s behaviour or accessing training. Below are just a couple of examples of the ways we’ve been able to help local families.

The project has engaged with 910 families over the course of the 3 year project. The families said they felt more confident than they did before they accessed support form New era. Of these 867 Families believe that they will be able to resolve their own issues independently.

New Era Delivered training in the form of courses accredited by Care for the Family, Time Out courses included Handling Anger in the Family, Primary Years, Children with Special Needs, ADHD, ASD,  Teenage Years & Early Years.

New Era have worked with a total of 124 schools however, the children of those families attend a total of 147 different schools.

Over the lifetime of the project we have learned that the support delivered is unique and individual to each school, that the project has been sourced to complement the interventions of other agencies, offering support to families. The project has worked alongside many different organisations who are tasked in supporting families, for example, solicitors who work with family members who have been ordered by court to attend ‘anger management/parenting’ courses, GP’s, Children’s Social Care and Health Visitors.

The project identified that when working with families, they had many common issues, the project looked at how better to support these families and staff became licensed deliverers of parenting courses. Parents realised that they were not alone and that learning strategies together is a very supportive way to learn.

As the project was not able to access continuation funding, New Era has priced the services and is actively marketing this for schools to purchase. Schools are very interested however, their budgets have to be prioritised. For more information click here.

The project has learnt that the services offered are needed and referrals were regularly received. New Era is pricing support for parents who are able to pay and seeking funding from schools to support those parents unable to pay.

What do the schools say?

What do the parents say?