New Era Baby and Toddler group is closed due to the Coronovirus situation, however we are continuing to support people in the community…

…just a little differently:

  • Information, advice & guidance for any family or behavioural issues
  • telephone support
  • resources
  • how to make claims for hardship
  • continue to support the community, especially families

The Coronavirus pandemic will possibly change all our lives forever and kids always find change hard to cope with. Is your child struggling to get their head around it? Are they acting up? Feeling worried/anxious? Withdrawing? Angry? Sad??

Or is this you?

Let us help you to help them. We have over 30 years expertise helping families stick together in the hardest times. We offer support, advice, helpful tips and lots of different resources.

Contact us now on 07711801736/07711 801821


If you need support you can text us on

  • 07413 390 258

or follow us on:  Facebook

Parent/Carers Feedback

“I feel as a childminder and parent the room is well supervised. I feel safe and the children are safe, the staff are friendly and welcoming.”

“The group is really good, staff and parents that attend are great.”

“The group has lots to offer, I personally find the resources fantastic, I would like some of them at at my own setting.”

“I love it, I love the messi play bit as I wouldn’t do it at home.”

“I would like to see * baby massage * sensory rooms/groups * community trips,”

“I like all activities the group offers, other days would be good too.”

“Loved the mini first aid coaching the other week, fab for parents who wouldn’t normally get this training.”

“Health visitors tell you how to wean your baby with lots of things you cant do but no one ever tells you how to keep them alive!”

“I really enjoy coming to the group, it gets me out of the house and meeting new mums. I love how my child interacts with others.”