Quote from Job Centre worker in December 2017:

“I have worked with New Era over several years and always found them to be one of the best and most helpful organisations that we have the good fortune to work with. Also, Rachel has just had some good news; a customer has found employment after being out for work for several years. This would not have happened if it was not for the help of New Era. Let’s spread the word and make sure that all our customers are aware that it is taking place.”

Charlotte’s Learning Journey

“Charlotte” came to a Confidence Building Session; she was visibly nervous and stated that it had taken a lot of courage to come here. A Stress Management session followed, which Charlotte attended, seeming more relaxed. Spanish classes began after Christmas, and Charlotte came to the first one. Charlotte is in her thirties and has not worked for some years. It was becoming difficult to see why this was the case, as Charlotte was clearly reliable, articulate and bright. I told Charlotte this, and she replied with characteristic honesty that she had not always been reliable or punctual, but she was working on it. She also said that she liked words, but found they “often evaded her.”
Charlotte attended Spanish in week 1, then recited by heart in week 2 what she had learnt, stating simply that she had practised. The tutor explained to Charlotte how impressive it is that she was to be able to do that. Charlotte attended each week, and by week five, she had enrolled on an ICT course. Charlotte arrived early to her last session, as she required someone could show her how she would know if her CV was attached to an email in her “Sent Items”. Whilst Charlotte waited for the others, she applied for two jobs and spoke about two other courses she had enrolled on. Charlotte stated that she had got so much out of her Spanish sessions; they really did help her realise her own potential.
12 months on, Charlotte has a voluntary placement at a local nursery. She has completed her Level 1 Award in Caring for Children, her Level 2 Children’s and Young People’s Workforce Certificate and Level 2 Maths through New Era. She is currently undertaking an English qualification with us.

Sam’s Learning Journey

Sam started his apprenticeship not really knowing what he wanted to do, but did know that he liked to help to teach children. He knew this because he had helped with a local football club, supporting younger children when taking part. He felt working in a school would allow him to support children to learn, and by doing an apprenticeship, it would give him the opportunity to see if he really wanted to do this as a career.
Sam was successful in securing a place at Bradley Primary School in Nelson and worked throughout Key Stage 1 during his time as an apprentice. As part of his apprenticeship framework, he had the opportunity to complete Level 2 Functional Skills Maths, English and ICT, Employment Rights and Responsibilities and Level 3 Children & Young People’s Workforce Diploma.
On completion of his apprenticeship, Sam was offered a full-time position as a teaching assistant and is now considering embarking on a foundation degree to progress towards a teaching qualification, which will allow him to become a Primary School Teacher.
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