New Era’s management structure is founded on the principles of co-operative working and community accountability. New Era is a membership organisation open to all who share its aims and from which is elected a Board of Directors (BOD)

The Board is responsible for obtaining contracts for projects that further the company’s aims. It appoints a project team of a key worker and project workers to carry out the work of the project. Administrative and financial support is provided to each project by an admin and finance worker.

The appointed project workers are responsible for the delivery of contracts and report to the BOD.  Tasks are allocated to the staff according to the needs of the clients and the abilities, skills and experience of the staff member. Project workers may work on one or more projects according to their skills and experiences.



Meet the team



Elaine Sharples – is a Project Worker and an accredited Assessor.

Julie Standage – is our Office Manager.

Karen Pashley – is responsible for finance.

Sue Rae – is Lead Operations Manager  and qualified tutor

Wendy Woodfine – is a Project Worker, accredited Assessor and qualified tutor.

Sarah Simpson – is a Childcare Agency Coordinator and Project Worker

Nursery Staff  

Christina is the Manager at our Nursery and is a qualified Nursery teacher.  Sarah and Nasima are  Level 3 and Level 4 Qualified Childcare Practitioners. Emma is a Level 2 qualified practitioner. We also have qualified volunteers and students who are working towards their qualifications. The Nursery is supported by Elaine, Sue and Wendy.

Crèche Staff

New Era employs qualified creche workers on a casual basis and on “block-bookings” to fill creches in various venues including Children’s Centres  across Lancashire. Sarah looks after this project.


Board Members


Ann Marie Wrigley (Chair)

Elaine Sharples ( Secretary)

Emma Horsfall 

Karen Pashley (Treasurer, member of staff)

Kath Rowley 

Sue Rae (Member of staff)

Wendy Woodfine (Member of staff)

Sarah Simpson (Member of staff)

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