New Era is open

We are continuing to support people in the community…

…just a little differently:

  • Information, advice & guidance for any family or behavioural issues
  • telephone support
  • resources
  • how to make claims for hardship
  • continue to support the community, especially families

Is your child struggling to get their head around it? Are they acting up? Feeling worried/anxious? Withdrawing? Angry? Sad??

Or is this you?

Let us help you to help them. We have over 30 years expertise helping families stick together in the hardest times. We offer support, advice, helpful tips and lots of different resources.

Contact us now on: 01282 435302 or text us on: 07413 390258


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To contact our nursery:
Nursery Manager: Christina
Telephone: 07727 713690


New Era Enterprises is a ‘not for profit’ specialist organisation that is working towards relieving poverty in East Lancashire.

We are based in the heart of East Lancashire and passionately believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to flourish.

Through our wide range of Child/Family, Training and Employment support:
We Listen. We Help. We Inspire. We Transform.

This website was last updated on: 08/10/2020