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Blossom Tree

Update Sep 2017

Great fun was had by all at our Blossom Tree Family Fun Days.



April 2017

We offer a range of courses designed for parents just like you

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The Primary Years

Jan 2017



Family Fun Day   


Lots of families came and enjoyed the fun and activities on

Wednesday 4th January 2017

Support workers provided information, advice and guidance to parents and we all enjoyed chatting over a lunch and brew.

Look out for the next one!

fun-day-1 fun-day-3



Some Photos from our Family Fun Day

2 free courses delivered locally all over East Lancashire. Ring for details

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July 2016

Blossom Tree Drop-in Dates

For  parents and carers of Primary School aged children needing help and support over the school summer holidays we offered drop-ins for parents to come and have a brew. Support workers were around to provide information, advice and guidance, tea and biscuits.



May 2016 update

Blossom Tree “Branches Out” to Pendle

New Era’s successful Lottery funded Blossom Tree project  “Branched Out” to Primary Schools in Pendle by inviting them to an Information and Networking Event on 25th May between  12 noon and 1:00 pm at the Ace Centre, Nelson.

Teachers, Family Mentors and Family Support Workers from Pendle Primary schools are invited to come to the event to find out how we can work with your school to better help and support your families.


This service was provided free of charge to schools and parents through The Big Lottery.


Feb 16 Update

We are busy supporting families.

As well as continuing to support families with their individual issues we been helping parents in groups.

We’ve been working with 12 schools across Burnley, Pendle and Hyndburn to support parents. We’ve provided sessions for parents on the following topics :-

  • Basic First Aid like choking, CPR, Asthma, Broken bones
  • Encouraging better behaviour
  • Understanding your children
  • Helping children learn through play

We’ve talked to lots of parents who feel they would like more info and support. So in response we are offering a free new course called PARENTALK  aimed at the parents and carers of Primary age children.

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Funded by the Lottery

Call Sue, Elaine or Wendy 01282 435302 to find out more about how this project can help your children & families.



Dec 15 Update

The Blossom Tree project has been busy helping families.

Some families going through difficult times find it hard to know where to turn and that’s just where we can help.  We can offer a helping hand to tackle all sorts of issues and below are just a couple of examples of the ways we’ve been able to help local families.

We supported one Mum to open the bills, final demands and debt envelopes that had been piling up and then we helped her talk to her debtors, set up meetings  and agree repayment plans so that she can begin to take control of her finances again.

We helped a stretched dad make a claim for Disability Living Allowance. The forms had been too over facing and he hadn’t been able to apply for the money he was entitled to claim.

We’ve also been supporting parents to understand their children and to help families work on behavioural issues.  We’ll tell you much more about this aspect of our work  in the January update.

Parents can reach us through their Primary School  or directly through our website.


Jul 15 Launch

On the 7th July 2015, we launched the Blossom Tree Family Support Project. A 3 year Big Lottery Reaching Communities funded Project, the Blossom Tree will support families with a whole range of issues / support needs by working with primary schools in Burnley, Pendle, Hyndburn and Rossendale.

Schools offer family support in various ways through various approaches; our approach will fit with each school’s approach. Common elements of our support will be that our service is nurturing, inclusive and non-judgemental. The project will support families before problems escalate. It is discrete and it is free of charge. We can do things that families might not have thought about.

We can support families with:

– Home routines and planning family activities

– Resolving housing, benefit and debt issues

– Accessing training and employment activities

– Informal and accredited training

– Advocacy on their behalf with other services which will improve family life

– Discretionary funding to help families with small items where no other financial resource can meet the need

We will work with families via a drop-in established in school or at other suitable premises. We will work with families on a one-to-one basis at school, at our office premises or in the home. We will work with a family for 1 hour or 3 years.

Families will be assigned a key worker who will be their main point of contact. All key workers are highly experienced childcare practitioners (Level 4 minimum), advice workers and New Era employs adult skills tutors to deliver training in childcare, health & social care and other pre-vocational courses.

Call Sue, Elaine or Wendy 01282 435302 to find out more about how our project can help your children & families.

Blossom Tree CakesCakes at our Project Launch!